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Indian Wedding Decorations Toronto by Design Mantraa-Decor and Florals

Supriya is the best! I was so worried that our vision would be executed exactly the way that we wanted it to, and it totally was! We were so happy and we got so many compliments about the very natural, minimal vibe of our decor with all of the real flowers and people kept complimenting on how elegant it was. This is the kind of vibe that Supriya executes so beautifully. It’s so classy and beautiful. My husband and I are really simple people and we didn’t want an overdone, tacky, super glammed up vibe, we wanted decor that would reflect who we are and us as a couple - which is simple and elegant and overflowing with love.. and that’s exactly what Supriya gave us. She was also just so kind and really easy to work with from the beginning and I’m happy to say that I honestly feel like we’re friends, and I feel like we will definitely hang out even though my wedding is over. If you’re looking for someone who will be really easy to work with and execute your vision beautifully, you should go with Design Mantraa!