Tips for doing an Editorial/Style Shoot

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Tips For Doing An Editorial Style Shoot

Hey there! So you are planning on creating content or have an idea that you would like to showcase to your clients…but have no idea where and how to start? After doing a number of Editorial Shoots for our brand and various magazines, we have put together a few thoughts around how you can make a successful Editorial or Style Shoot to swoon your clients.

First step is to build a team.
“ It takes two flints to make a fire.” – Louisa May Alcott Figure out – who you want to work with. Participate in their conversations through Social Media. Not stalker types, but to start sowing the seeds of a relationship. Approach them through a quick phone call or a friendly email. Tell them how much you love their work and would love to do a style shoot with them. Usually, people are receptive to the idea – if you are genuine about the request. And honestly guys, it shows. People can sense when you are being sincere and when it’s a fake. So go out there, get a team organized. Have three choices in each category and start building relations.

Step two – the difficult and awkward one is being clear on expectations.
Where should it be published, how much to budget for, how the costs are being split, are the costs being shared or every vendor pays for their piece? Its much better to clear up any questions before proceeding with it.

Third step would be to come up with the concept.
It could be as simple as picking a color, some pattern, a country, food – whatever your fancy is! Get the whole team together and brainstorm on the idea. Do a Zoom call, meet somewhere and just do a brain dump. Get everyone to participate to get the juices flowing. Finalize the concept and get to the next steps.

Step four – figure out the logistics.
Venue, timings of different vendors, set up and take down time, model (if required) are some of the things to be considered when working towards a flawless style shoot.

Step Five – Give 150%
On the day, you have to work as a team. It is a team effort after all. There will be some key players who will be taking slightly more share of work, but overall everyone needs to pitch in and have a critical role to make it successful. Be present at the moment. See what works and make tweaks on the go. Its all about being creative and having fun with it. Let go of any pre conceived notions and do what you really thing you want to showcase and not necessarily what will get you most likes. This is your time to take the risk and really show your audience what you are capable of. People don’t know any better, till they actually see it.