Four Things To Think About When Hiring an Indian Wedding Planner

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Four Things To Think About When Hiring An Indian Wedding Planner

The question has been popped what’s next, planning the wedding. Now this is the moment you have been dreaming about your whole life, you probably played the wedding game with your friends or dolls and made a veil out of tissue paper and it has to be just right. It is always advised to hire a wedding planner to bring these dreams to life. Your wedding planner is a professional who will plan manage and execute your wedding plans. Indian weddings can be a lot sometimes as they take place over a couple of days, and include a lot from the guests to the tradition and customs, outfits and outfit changes make up, food and a whole other lot which would require you to make the choice to hire a wedding planner.

A few reasons you will need an Indian wedding planner include

  1. To give you advise on the best value for your money
  2. They are professionals so they have ideas to make the wedding successful and a wedding to remember
  3. Reduce the stress of planning the wedding yourself or in the family
  4. They handle everything from photographers to the caterer to decorations to the DJ and other thing that will be needed
  5. They have the best wedding connections
  6. They know how to keep your guests happy
  7. Saves your time and ensure things are in order before the wedding

So now that you know why you might need an Indian wedding planner, here are four things to consider when picking an Indian wedding planner.


Most people believe that wedding planners are a luxury, however a wedding planner is a good investment you can make towards your wedding, and due to the advantages they bring to the wedding planning, the cost of hiring one is usually overshadowed by their benefits. However if you are going to hire a wedding planner you still need to consider your budget to determine who or the type of wedding planner you are going to hire. Some wedding planners charge more than others so you select one based on how much you are ready to pay your wedding planner. Having a budget will also make it easier for your wedding planner to plan and execute the wedding plans in accordance to you financial limits.


Experience on the part of the wedding planner is definitely one thing to consider when hiring wedding planner. When hiring a wedding planner, request to take a look at the wedding planner’s portfolio, and past events the wedding planner has worked on, this is the work history. Also make sure you make full enquiries and ask all the necessary questions, a few questions you can ask include;

  • If the wedding planner will be available on the actual wedding date
  • Packages the wedding planner offers
  • What would be the best for your wedding; their honest opinion ?
  • What vendors does the planner work with ?
  • What discount you would be able to get from hiring the wedding planner ?
  • Does the wedding planner have the right vendors for your wedding ?
  • Does the wedding planner have an idea of what decorations and theme would suit your plans for the wedding ?
  • Has the wedding planner planned weddings similar to yours ?
  • Is the planner familiar with your venue or a similar venue ?
  • Has the planner catered for a wedding of your size before ?
  • Do the wedding planner fully understand what you need for your wedding ?
  • Does the wedding planner work well under pressure?
  • Does the wedding planner fully understand the traditions and customs necessary for the wedding?

It is important to hire a wedding planner you can communicate with very well, as well as a wedding planner that communicates the plans, process, difficulties and every other thing well. It is your wedding and you have probably been dreaming of it for years so it is important that whoever you are hiring as your wedding planner is capable of understanding, and executing what you want and probably make it better if possible. You need someone who will be able to project your dreams and vision into a reality, so it is important to hire someone you get along well with.

It is also important to make sure your wedding planner is one who is easy to contact if they do not pick up calls, reply messages or emails promptly or do not seem organized, reconsider another wedding planner. Hiring a good wedding planner who is just right for the job understands you and you also understand, as well as responds well to messages and calls, especially in cases of emergency or changed plans will save you from stress and disturbance, letting you enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Creativity And Innovation Of The Wedding Planner

Apart from having a well organised wedding you want to have a wedding to remember as well as make sure your guests have fun and are still talking about the wedding after. You would also want your pictures to come out nice and guests look like they are having fun, a creative wedding planner plans for all these. Creative elements could be in form of the wedding theme, the wedding title, wedding hashtag, invitation cards, decorations, meals, lightening, sitting arrangements, stage design, entertainment, table arrangement and all. So when hiring a wedding planner and going through their portfolio and work experience, ask for ideas they would suggest or execute for your wedding to determine if they are creative enough. If you want a fairy-tale wedding, make sure your wedding planner has fairy-tale ideas and ways of executing the ideas to make your dream come true.


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