5 Things To Think About When Getting an Indian Wedding Decoration

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5 Things To Think About When Getting An Indian Wedding Decoration

When planning a wedding there are a lot of things to put into consideration, as well as when planning an Indian wedding. One of those things also includes decoration. There are many wonderful Indian decorations that have been used for weddings and a lot to choose from, you have to choose decorations for the entrance, to the stage, to the reception, and other minor details. However before you decide on which Indian wedding decoration to choose, we have a few tips and help to guide you along the way.

5 things to think about when getting an Indian wedding decoration include:

Discuss and plan with your spouse

This is very a vital step, and the very first step you should take. The wedding is between you and your spouse so you have to discuss everything with your spouse as well as come to a conclusion, before taking any other step; this will help with any further plans and will let you know your partner more. When planning an Indian wedding decoration, the things you should discuss with your spouse are;

Wedding Date: When planning your wedding, you have to choose which date you both want. This date will determine a lot of things for the wedding decorations, it will let you know the accessibility of things needed, before choosing decorations such as venue, let you know which guest will be present and absent, accessibility of the decorations and to know which decoration planner to use.

Budget: you have to discuss who is paying for the decorations, know if you are splitting the bills, which person is paying or if the families are paying and then discuss how much is going to be spent on the decorations.

Guest count: Decide the amount of guest you want for your wedding as this will determine a lot of things such as the venue, amount of decorations that will be used, and the hall size.

Venue: You both have to decide on what kind of venue, you want, the size of venue that will fit with the amount of guest and that will be the best for the decorations you want; decide if you want an outdoor or indoor venue, this will help with choosing the best decorations that fit.

After discussing all these with your spouse, the both of you will feel at ease and will understand and know each other better, After you and your spouse discuss about the wedding decoration, and all plans made towards it, you will also have to discuss with both families and carry them along as well as get a final say before moving on to the next step.

Make all your findings

After discussing and planning with your spouse and families. The next step will be to make your findings. You will have to research on a lot of things and pick out the best. You can make your findings by looking at recent wedding decorations, check wedding decorations online, checking through wedding decoration planners and, you can also look through pictures, ask your friends and family for help as well, this will making it easier for you and also make sure your findings and research matches what you and your spouse both discussed and agreed on. You will have to research on a few things such as the best way to get the best, and affordable decorations that also fit into your budget, check for the best wedding decoration designer that have decorated Indian wedding similar to the decoration you want for the wedding, check on how the decorations are going to fit with the wedding plan. Get as much research you need for the wedding decorations and also be sure they are perfect for the budget you already made.

Get a wedding planner

After your research, this will help you know which wedding planner to choose and know their details and all other things needed to get across with. You will need to get a wedding planner to help with the decorations. The wedding planner will help bring your ideas and findings to life as they are experienced, and this will actually relief you of any stress. So, you should discuss with your wedding planners about your ideas, the kind of decorations you want, what kind of theme you want, what kind of venue you want and all other things needed with the budget you have for all the wedding decorations. This will help you move a step further with your plans, and the wedding planner will know the best wedding decoration designer for what you want.

Find the right venue

After making your findings, get the right venue, check for the season and weather if you want an outdoor venue. Find the venue that matches your budget, guest number, decorations and all other things needed that will determine what kind of decorations you are going to need.

Decide on a theme and the decorations needed for the wedding

After you have discussed with your spouse, made your finding, gotten a wedding planner, decorations, and venue, the last thing on your check list will be to get the decorations you have decided on and make a theme that works with the decorations, or if you already have a theme in mind you should get decorations that work best for the theme. Getting a theme is actually useful and should not be overlooked. When you get a theme for the wedding that fits well with the decorations, it actually helps build up a story to the wedding. The theme of the wedding can match your wedding dress and hairstyle if you want to. You can discuss with your wedding planner on how to best create the theme, you should also discuss with your spouse about the theme and make sure you are both on board to with the theme and the decorations used.


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